Thursday, February 27, 2020

Four similar disease 1topic like COPD,LUNGS CA.ASTHMA,SMOKER Research Paper

Four similar disease 1topic like COPD,LUNGS CA.ASTHMA,SMOKER - Research Paper Example It generates new insight and a novel point of view into the existing treatment procedures and about the disease. Continuous research in the field of nursing practice is very important as through research new data and cures are discovered which help in finding new patterns and subsequently help in developing new procedures to fight the patients’ condition. The development of nursing practice in diseases like COPD, Lung Cancer, Asthma and Smoking exemplifies the importance of the research to nursing practice. These are four similar diseases (affecting the same organ; lungs) with different backgrounds (origin, causes, development, effects, and cure). COPD is a serious lung disease which during the course of time makes it difficult to breathe. It is the fourth main reason for death in the United States and leads to long-term disability.[1] Persons suffering from COPD find it difficult to get the air in and out of their lungs as the airways (tubes which carry the air in and out of the lungs) are partially blocked. There are two prime diseases that cause this blockage- Chronic bronchitis and Emphysema. The main cause of this lung disorder is cigarette smoking which contributes to 80-90% of the disease. [1] Nursing practices go a long way in the cure of the disease. Nurses/ professionals and pulmonary rehabilitation programs help to control the disease through physical activity and training. Nursing is fast emerging as a means to put a check on COPD. The best cure against COPD is to quit smoking. An online COPD community has emerged where different COPD patients and professionals share their experience and methods to fight cure COPD. Lung Cancer refers to cancer of the tissues of the lungs, generally in the cells lining the air passages. It is one of the more lethal diseases. It claims more lives than prostate, colon, breast and lymph cancers combined, per year. Essentially, there are two types of lung cancers: Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) and Non-Small Cell L ung Cancer (NSCLC). Both categories have the capacity to cause life threatening damages to the neuromuscular system. A significant part of the treatment to lung cancer is the way the problem is nursed. Nursing practices play an important role. Advanced nursing practice has been introduced as a practice that includes a variety of roles essential for treating lung cancer and the environments in which they exist. Planning is quite necessary in combating the disease. Many obstacles to realizing the full potential of the roles can be evaded through better efforts and planning to address factors, resources and structures necessary for advanced nursing practice to lung cancer. A recent research conducted on patients with lung cancer suggested that patients often experience multiple symptoms that vary during the course of their disease.[2] Therefore, in conjunction with high quality physical care of the patients, nursing practice is also required to provide frequent interventions with patie nts varying from patient education regarding chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy and symptom management meant for skin changes linked to fatigue, radiation therapy, weight loss and nausea due to changes in appetite. Asthma is chiefly characterized by the shortness of breath, tightness of chest along with coughing. It essentially is the hindrance in the human airflow system. Asthma is a continual inflammatory disease and estimates have shown that over 300 million people were affected with asthma in 2010. Genetic factors along with other

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