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Reaction Paper About the Movie the Reader - 1943 Words

Reaction Paper â€Å"The Freedom Writers† Literal level: Who: Erin Gruwell/Ms. G, Steve Gruwell, Scot Casey, Margaret Campbell, and the Freedom Writers What: The Freedom Writers (from the diaries of the students of Room 203) Where: Long beach and Los angeles, California When: 1992-1995 Interpretative level: Erin Gruwell is a young new excited teacher at one of the hardest school Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. At first, Erin is having problem about her new students and she was shunned by her co-teachers. Most of the students at Woodrow are involved in gang war or know someone in a gang; the students are protecting their self to live. Erin Gruwell spends her days watching each race isolate†¦show more content†¦Ms. Gruwell also makes an activity in the classroom which is a game, started by the teacher asked few questions related to the students’ life. At the end of it, the activities that have been carried out facilitate learning interaction between the students. The teacher, Ms.Gruwell also has asked the students to write their own diaries, and they are free to write anything about their life. She also has asked the students to read a novel which can be related to their history life, their past life. These tasks have made the students to in teract with the teachers and among them at one point of time. At the later part, Ms.Gruwell has brought her students for a trip to the museum, and has invited a few people of history to meet the students. These activities have also facilitated wider interaction for the students beyond the classroom where the students have chances to interact with the people of history. The second thing that I can see is classroom management. Ms. Gruwell was a bit shocked when at first time she entered the classroom, which the students were all noisy, keep talking with each other in their own gang and some of them busy doing their own stuff. They were ignored the existence of the teacher in the classroom. The students were sitting within their own gang or races. They don’t mix at all and one cannot touch and talked with the other who is in the other races or gang.Show MoreRelatedMy Creature Of The Black Lagoon Critical Analysis1533 Words   |  7 PagesJosue Vasquez English 1 Professor Bonar 24 September 2017 Academic Standard or not in â€Å"My Creature of the Black Lagoon† When it comes to determining whether a paper is considered academic or not there are certain standards set in place that must be met in order for the paper to be considered an academic piece of work and if the paper itself doesn’t meet these standards then it isn’t considered academic. When it comes to Stephen King’s essay â€Å"My Creature from the Black Lagoon† it is a well writtenRead MoreEssay On The Outsiders Movie979 Words   |  4 PagesS.E Hinton’s novel The Outsiders was so successful, selling more than ten million copies, that there had to be a movie. The movie, The Outsiders, is about two Greaser, Ponyboy and Johnny, who got into a fight with a group of Socs. In self-defense, Johnny killed one of the Socs, so they ran away. They were aided by another greaser and their friend, Dallas Winston, who helped hide them from the cops. However, when the church they were hiding in got on fire, Johnny and Ponyboy run to save the kids whoRead MorePa per Towns By John Green And A Film Directed By Jake Shcreier961 Words   |  4 Pages Paper Towns, a novel by John Green and a film directed by Jake Shcreier, follows the story of a boy named Quentin â€Å"Q† Jacobsen and his quest to find the missing Margo Roth Spiegelman, the love of his life. Despite being neighbours Margo and Q haven’t been friends, have barely even talked, since they were nine years old, despite Q’s unrequited love for her. Until one night at Margo’s persuasion the two embark on a midnight journey of revenge. The next morning however Quentin wakes to find that MargoRead MoreFilm Review : Dracula By Bram Stoker Essay1743 Words   |  7 PagesWhenever a novel is published there usually is a movie to follow, but one may wonder why they are so different. Some believe filmmakers change the comparison due to having to shortening the novel into movie. Trying to keep the film watchers engaged, there are many ways to change a novel into a c ompletely different story, whether it has to do with changing the roles of the main characters, scenes, theme, time period, or even the overall story. After reading the gothic novel Dracula written by BramRead More Hannibal Lecters Identity and Ethos Essay1071 Words   |  5 PagesHannibal Lecters Identity and Ethos  Ã‚  Ã‚   Anthony Hopkins, as Hannibal raises a few interesting ideas about reality, identity and our perception of the serial killer. First of all, the movie would have never been made if Hopkins, had not agreed to do the sequel (Sterritt). Second, even though Hopkins, has taken on numerous roles, his memorable roles (besides as Hannibal Lecter) are not so villainous such as his characters in Remains of the Day or Shadowlands. In relation to this ethnographyRead MoreDifferent Perspectives On Dissociative Identity Disorder1710 Words   |  7 Pageslikely going to be the type of people who already know a great deal about psychology. The ability to comprehend the substantial amounts of psychology jargon, is an ideal prerequisite to reading this article. Understandably, in the popular article the intended audience is a little more considerate. The audience should be open to new opinions and willing to stray away from traditional beliefs. When reading the popular article, readers who are not ope n to new ideas and controversial opinions may findRead More Defining Good Usage Essay1169 Words   |  5 Pagespieces of advice about writing out there. Every English text book discusses it. Every person knows the rules to good writing by heart. In fact it is next to impossible to separate what we have been told from our own beliefs. Beliefs themselves are formed by what you are taught, yet they still allow you the freedom to do as you choose. This just does not seem to hold true. When good writing is taught to be the rule not something to be interpreted by the student. Enough about beliefs and teachingsRead MoreThe Effects Of The Film Concussion940 Words   |  4 Pagesso Omalu wrote a paper on his discovery in hopes that the NFL would be pleased and that they would be able to â€Å"use his research to try and fix the problem† (Lasakas). However, they were not happy at all and instead insisted that Omalu was wrong and that his article should not have been published. People who were not even in his field were trying to prove him wrong in an attempt to cover up the harsh reality of the NFL. Many people often say that the book is better than the movie. Others prefer moviesRead MoreThe Film Centers On A Sexual Relationship Between Hanna Schmitz1233 Words   |  5 PagesHanna the prison warden informs him of Hanna s suicide and allows him to enter the prison and view Hanna s small prison cell. Underlying message about sexuality The movie contains a large amount of nudity and sexuality, and underlines an erotic relationship between a teenager and a woman twice his age before turning into a wordy, wrenching drama about guilt, shame, and responsibility. One of the purpose of this film is to show how guilt plays a role in our society. For example, the two main charactersRead MoreManufacturing Consent1486 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to the theories presented in Marc Achbar and Peter Wintonicks thought provoking documentary Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media, if the ideas in this reaction paper were to be published as a review piece for The Collegian, much of what I would say may well be censored. On the other hand, an even worse case scenario would be that my ideas would be regarded as irrelevant because the students of Penn State have been systematically numbed into apathy by the mind-control tactics

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